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At 5PM, we believe that flavour trumps everything. We are a local Melbourne brand that develops our seltzers with the aim of being truly sessionable. 


Whether you love sipping straight from the can, or mixing to add that little bit extra; our seltzers are made for you and wherever your happy hour takes you.


From bars to festivals, picnics to BBQs, or a quiet night in with friends, our trio of flavours will fit in perfectly. With zero sugar, zero carbs, and 98 calories per can, they tick the box for the more health-conscious consumer as well.


We are a small team, but growing quickly, and absolutely love hearing whispers that we are peoples' favourite hard seltzer in the market. 


We love testing new flavours and chatting with fellow seltzer lovers (or anyone actually!), so if you have a flavour idea you would love to see on the shelves, or just want to chat, hit us up


'Omg this is the real deal! Best seltzer I've tried!'

'Okay, you've guys have nailed it! I bloody love the grapefruit!'

''These are my FAVE seltzers, the watermelon is so delicious!'

'I've actually fallen in love with your seltzers'

'This is delicious, the grapefruit actually tastes like real grapefruit!'

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5PM - Recolour-31 (1).jpg
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