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Brainless was founded in 2016.

Starting out the brand was rough, unclear and unorganised. As we spent time uncovering what it all meant, a rare treasure presented itself.

We found a message, a message that inspires faith and courage that needed to be shared with the world. The message can only be found once you make the ultimate decision to set out on the path to follow your wildest dreams.

No Pressure No Diamonds became the slogan.

We believe that everyone has the ability to find their inner diamond.

Founder, Tim Brayshaw, believes it is when we get in touch with our inner feelings rather than focusing on our thoughts, we can truly access our natural super powers.


This is what is means to be BRAINLESS – it’s not about your thinking it is all about feeling your way through your life.


Shine on!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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