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Official Registration for Ego Expo 2023 is CLOSED.

Ego Expo is a pop-culture consumer-focused event that brings thousands of eyes to your brand. If you're a business looking for maximum targeted audience exposure and an opportunity to increase your networks, leads and sales, call us to discuss an expo strategy today. Our Managing Director will professionally assess where your brand is at and give you general sound advice as to whether you are "expo ready".

Ego Expo is proud to host some of the best brands in Australia that may have slipped right under your nose. The streetwear community collaborates to share its story with its buyers and media influencers. If you are an overachiever in any fashion, art or music field and understand what it means to be self-made, then Ego Expo has a spot for you. Remember, it takes one opportunity, network, and door to open to elevate your business to new heights!

Enquire to join our mission today. Applications must include a website or social media links to their merchandise; tell us your story... because your story deserves to be heard.

Only Labels exhibiting at Ego Expo will have the additional opportunity to showcase their product on the Ego Runway Stage Schedule. These are minimal positions. The Runway guarantees maximum brand exposure and great entertainment value to the crowd. Please notify us if you are ready to take your brand to the next level on the big stage!


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