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Image by Lou Batier


Australian Online Streetwear Clothing and Apparel Store

Mental Health Advocates

Fatal Unity (FU) is an individualistic streetwear brand, founded in 2021 with the underlying purpose of raising awareness around mental health. This is fulfilled through using clothing and apparel as a means to destigmatise mental health and the unmentioned mental health issues which are at an all time high.

Not Just a Brand

F U has been created with a vision to be more than just a streetwear brand but rather a positive community who recognise each other and promote good vibes all round. This can either be displayed online or in person.

Further Interests & Information

F U provides conceptual insight into modern problems and dilemmas which have sparked our curiosity. Essentially here to promote mental health and test societies boundaries.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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