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‘I'm Going to Really Put My Heart into It’: Adrian Swish is Performing at Ego Expo 2022

At 26 years old, Adrian Swish has come a long way from the young Macedonian boy who wondered how music was made.

“I grew up with a bit of a musical family, my dad played the guitar, my aunty was a singer and so was my uncle… I was kind of always around a musical environment,” he says.

Producing his own beats, lyrics and sound, Adrian has been releasing music for the last three years and when he’s making music, there are no stresses and no worries.

“In that zone of creating something, it's not a feeling that can be explained but it's probably the best feeling in the world,” says Adrian.

He goes on to say that there is not enough support within the industry for artists who don’t necessarily fit the criteria for fame, so I asked him what he would do differently and here’s what he said:

“If had control in the industry, I'd put more effort into scouting newer talents and not find everyone that's in the same categories because I’ve noticed a lot of artists that are making it big these days just sound like the same…I'd want the industry to find more unique individuals people and people you'd least expect to be famous because I feel like there is a lot of missed talent”.

Finding himself travelling back and forth between Melbourne and the US, Adrian says the music scene in America is taken more seriously.

While IT IS harder to get into the industry in America, there are more opportunities to go far and make a career out of music.

In Australia as creatives, we all have this feeling that there is a limit on how far we can make it and well if we decide to want more, we pack our bags and head to places like Los Angeles where our talents can be recognised.

Ego Expo was created to give creatives a platform where individuality is celebrated, and talent can be shared.

“Everyone deserves a chance to be a major artist, a songwriter or a producer and have opportunities in that aspect. Because I've grown up with people telling me that [pursuing music] is not a real job,” says Adrian.

His advice for anyone wanting to pursue music is “keep practising every day. Don't give up don't listen to any of the negative stuff people are gonna say and don't quit”.

This will be Adrian’s first solo Ego Expo performance and he is pumped to be surrounded by so many creative individuals.

“It's always cool to see new stuff happening and people are chasing their dreams so it's going to be a very inspiring atmosphere and opportunity to just see other people's visions, what they do, talk and share ideas,” he says.

We can expect to see a good show from Adrian at the 2022 Ego Expo as he hopes to blow people’s minds with his new releases.

“I'm going to really put my heart into it. I just want people to enjoy the music and enjoy the show,” says Adrian.

And enjoy the show, we shall.

If you’re a newbie to Adrian’s music, check out his Spotify see for yourself what he can do.


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