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The best of 2022

2022 was a big year for culture and entertainment. We lost legends (Rest in peace Coolio, Stephen Boss and TakeOff), and we gained legacies. But with all things wrong, there is always good, and 2022 CAME THROUGH.

This year was jam-packed with talent and revivals from events, sneakers, brands and albums.

We have put together the top drops of the year in just one post because we know time is valuable for all of you hustlers.

Just thinking about all the sneaker drops we got this year has me excited and pumped for what’s to come because, honestly, how can you top these:

Salomon XT-6 Sneakers

Joe Freshgoods x New Balance 9060

Gucci x Adidas Gazelle

Nocta x Nike Hot Step Air Terra

Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 1

Union x Nike Dunk Low

This year was RUN on sneakers (get it ;)), but for real, everyone's sneaker collection grew in 2022 (I see your panda dunks), and this is only the beginning. The comfort and style you get in sneakers are like nothing else, not to mention the history and passion that goes through some of these designs.

On the topic of footwear and comfort (but not quite a sneaker) is crocs BUT HEAR ME OUT; the Salehe Bembury collab was a gift to all this year. The uniqueness and colourways guarantee they’ll be the best and comfiest footwear you’ll have (I’m not biased, I swear). You can’t knock it till you try it.

2022 also brought some brands back in the running. Our top brands for this year:

This revival is all we needed to bring back early 2000s fashion and awaken a love for dad shoes that no one really thought they had. What was stereotyped for the middle-aged pot-belly man can now be seen in virtually everyone.

Luxury brands have long-standing been at the forefront of every hypebeast and sneakerhead (plus everyone else interested in fashion) outfit inspirations and styles. Owning luxury brands does not automatically give people a sense of fashion or technique, but there is a sense of pride in owning a piece. The brands on this list have stepped up in the streetwear scene. They are also the least problematic when ripping off ideas and cultural appropriation.

The best part of 2022 was Rick Owens getting the spotlight. No one entirely does it the same even if they tried (We see the imitations, and it’s a little embarrassing).

Finally, saving the best to last, our top music albums are:

Now, these are not in any particular order, but you almost have to admit that music is the gift that keeps on giving; the Pusha T album was one of the better ones since Kanye West’s Donda. I honestly haven’t enjoyed music like that since it was released. The flexibility and layers in both the beat and the lyrics gave it a depth that I was (lowkey) surprised to see.

Stormzy took it to the next level with his album, and it’s been on repeat since it dropped. It’s just very personal. He’s been gone 2.5 years, and everyone thought he would come back as the grime MC, but instead, he tapped into his soul and created a very personal, touching and heartfelt album.

It’s the same with all these albums. It’s exciting to see artists venture out in their sounds and create literal melodies that can transport you to another world.

2023 is another big year for us and street culture. Stay tuned to Ego Expo and keep up with the latest news in fashion, culture, entertainment and sport through our socials.

Nadia Alaoui (A loyal Crocs enthusiast)


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