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Over the last few years, paint and sip studios have popped up all around Melbourne, but none come close to the experience you'll have at a Brush by the Vines studio.

In Melbourne, Australia, Brush by the Vines is the largest liquored licenced painting studio to operate entirely with a full-sized bar and great vibes.

Run by May (the artistic one) and Jamie (the business guru), the paint n' sip workshop was created with a twist.

"We're obviously not the first people to do paint n' sip, it's been around for some time, but we wanted to do it differently. We want people to leave as they've like done something epic for themselves by themselves," says Jamie.

It all started on a Friday night, and by that same Sunday, they had a business name and three months after that, their first store.

The pair have crafted a space for people to come in, enjoy themselves, make new friends and memories, and leave feeling accomplished, perhaps a little tipsy.

Not surprisingly, the top three paintings have been the lion, Cleopatra and most recently Santorini (I think we're all in desperate need of a holiday).

At night expect flashing lights, neon signs and loud music.

When I asked Jamie why Brush by the Vines was opening a market stall at Ego Expo 2022, this is what he had to say:

"I've known Mel for some time now, and when she put it out that Ego Expo was happening this year, I messaged her straight away, and I asked HOW CAN WE BE A PART OF THIS? Everything [Mel] has been about and the team we've been able to meet, we saw straight away that this was the right team and right event for us".

You can expect the Brush by the Vines stall to be fun, messy (kind of, not really but actually maybe), and fresh.

It'll definitely be an experience you won't want to miss; I know I won't.

Session times and tickets are available for sale on the Brush by the Vines website.

Saturday Sessions Live @ Ego: 12PM, 3PM, 6PM

Sunday Sessions Live @ Ego: 1PM and 4PM

Pre-purchase your paint and sips experience as an add-on today!


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