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…And that's a wrap for Ego Expo 2023, marking the end of our fourth show celebrating urban street culture in Australia (insert a sad face here).

Established in 2018 to unite Australian street culture and its diverse communities, Ego Expo has become a showcase for the fusion of creativity, passion, and determination from Australia's independent business owners, designers, artists, talents, and athletes.

We survived location changes, the challenge of Melbourne weather, council permits that seemed to pop out of every direction, and the ever-changing restrictions and the shift towards a post-COVID world.

Throughout the 2023 October show, the event featured basketball and dance competitions, five live artist performances, prizes, giveaways, fashion runways, and four curated industry talk panels (if you attended, this isn't news to you).

For those who missed out, words fail me.

Eight incredible brands received awards, and our entertaining live entertainment team, The Disruption Entertainment, captured interviews with many talented and inspiring people (See HERE).

As the event solidifies its presence within the Melbourne (and Australian) community, the team eagerly anticipates exploring the unlimited talent potential in our backyard.

From a mere idea to reality, Ego Expo has created a platform for street culture enthusiasts and new business opportunities, paving the way for positive community engagement, unique business collaborations, and a supportive industry network that leaves egos at the door.

The end of this year's show does not signify the end of progress but rather the beginning of a new phase. Our vision of where creative leaders find their people and our mission to provide limitless opportunities for creative entrepreneurs in fashion, sport, entertainment and culture remain unwavering.

As we wrap up 2023 and the memories we’ve brought with us this far, we hope to see you at the next show, whatever that looks like 🙂


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