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We promised the 2022 Ego Expo would be huge, and we ARE delivering that promise.

The partnership with Foot Locker is JUST one of the big things happening, but it's an important one to note.

It's the first time we come together to inspire and empower the Aussie youth.

Campaigns, activations, and new brands popping up are just one of the many things Foot Locker is doing to give back to the community to support our generation and the ones that come after us.

By fuelling the passion for self-expression and creating unrivalled experiences in the global sneaker community, this partnership was a no-brainer.

So, when the retailer teamed up with us at Ego Expo, it was surreal for everyone. It's one thing to say you want to inspire and empower the youth, and it's another to actually do it.

And they are fully committed to the cause.

Foot Locker is sponsoring our 3x3 Basketball games; you'll find stripers (they'll look like a bunch of referees) roaming around, not to mention the branded EV that will be handing out prizes and giveaways all weekend.

Beza Mickan-White, THE FIRST community ambassador for Foot Locker and one of the creators designated to support the exclusive Foot Locker colourway of the Forum will be at the event representing for the black and white stripes.

Beza is one of those captivating people with a real story behind what she does and what she stands for.

Look out for her and other Foot Locker touchpoints around Ego Expo 2022 and you will not be disappointed.

IT DOESN'T END THERE; if you haven't seen it already, Foot Locker is giving away 2 x $250 gift cards to use in-store or online (Check out the IG post for more information on how to enter!)

Their focus to elevate the customer experience, drive productivity, and leverage the power of our people is only just beginning.

This partnership brings attention to the youth, our futures, and to the creatives among us.

Melbourne, in particular, is filled with so much raw talent and passion it's only fitting that we celebrate that.

We want to empower, inspire, and help the hustlers of the community thrive.

This generation is creating waves and making moves that the past could not have predicted.

We're all in this together.

Grab your tickets and save the date for Ego Expo Feb 26-27 at Meat Market in Melbourne:!


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