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The Ultimate Guide to Streetwear

An insight into the importance of culture in the fashion industry 

What was once the domain of skaters and rappers, streetwear fashion has quickly become

one of the main dominating fashion cultures in today’s world, embraced by all, in some way,

shape or form.

Since the early 1990’s, streetwear fashion has evolved rapidly, predominantly

characterised by casual yet unique clothing attire including logos on t-shirts, trackies,

snapbacks and of course, sneakers. At Ego Expo 2022, we have worked hard to bring value

to the need and demands of street culture in Australia.

The platform of Ego Expo was born on the streets of this country and we acknowledge what part culture plays in making this expo successful - its very people. 

Through the exposure at this expo, we have wholesalers, retailers and independent brands

that sell products and services directly to their targeted streetwear consumer. Our Australian

independent fashion brands in 2022 will now be able to reach a wider audience and can sell

their goods directly at the two-day event but more importantly throughout 365 days, all year

round, at Ego’s latest online store, EGO SHOP.  

The brands participating at Ego Expo 2022 give an accurate and current representation of the talent, fashion and designs coming out of Australia to the world. These brands become the cultural fabric of what Australian street culture means and can be the catalyst of putting this countries on the brand.

For so long, history and the world looks towards street culture and fashion leaders in the United States of America and Europe, however many have underestimated on the richness, creativity and designs of those ‘down under’. The effort to put forward the ‘Guideline to Streetwear’ is to remind our audiences that this fashion industry has only ever and only will ever exist based on the authenticity of the people.

Street culture is ever-changing and will always belong to the people from all types of backgrounds, cultures, influences and stories. 

Ego Expo 2022 doesn’t only talk about Street Fashion though; we are firm to uphold the

music, streetball and street art facets of culture within the expo. These other areas reflect its

people and the very phrase, ‘we’ll settle it on the courts’. 

This coming February join us in witnessing the pop-culture summer event. Consumers will

find everything under one roof from Streetwear, Fashion Runways, Music, Art, Basketball,

Industry Talks, Tattoos, Barbers and a lot more. 

So, DON’T MISS OUT! TICKETS TO EGO EXPO FEB 2022 are now LIVE! Cop yours early

to avoid missing out.  

And before you go! 

Written by Warda Waseem, Pakistan @wardawaseem_


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