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Nike v Adidas: Battle of a lifetime

For almost half a century, people have been asking the same question; Nike or Adidas?

With Nike being the bigger company overall, it’s no surprise that it’s the one winning the battle of net worth, but the war doesn't end there.

If you were to compare the two companies, there are a lot of factors to consider including history, ecological footprint, collaborations and representation plus so much more.

Firstly, Adidas has a lot more history than Nike, but Nike rose up and took over the world in such a short amount of time.

As cheesy as it sounds, could the answer to the old age question be personal nostalgia?

Melbourne local hype beast and sneaker collector Selin Bas says Adidas represents the ever-changing fashion industry in the most unique way - through athleisure.

“They’ve played a vital role in pushing boundaries within the fashion industry throughout the 90’s and even today. From their endorsement deals with Run DMC in the 90’s to the most successful and ground-breaking sneaker collaboration with Kanye West, Adidas has never shied away from breaking the rules and being a pioneer in its industry,” she said.

Bas’ favourite adidas product is the Superstar sneaker. She describes it as classic, iconic and legendary.

Like Bas, Shevval Ozturk is another local Melbournian who has been collecting sneakers for as long as she can remember, except she prefers Nike.

“They’re active when it comes to social justice issues and never refrain from taking a stance for minorities, so that makes me feel secure and comfortable with supporting them as much as I do,” says Ozturk.

Shevval’s favourite product is the Nike dunk sneakers. She described them as stylish, “you can dress however you like, they’ve got a vintage feel to them”.

The battle outcome of Nike v Adidas is uncertain and ever-changing. Adidas certainly has the hype and is slowly rising once more, but do they have what it takes to beat Nike?

Written by, Nadia Alaoui


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