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“The right people will find your music and resonate with it.”: Soli set to perform at Ego Expo 2022

Soli, 27, is a singer-songwriter who has spent the last two years stepping into her artistry and taking music seriously.

“If I had to box myself in a genre, which I don't like doing, or if I had to identify my sound, it's very much R&B,” says Soli.

The singer-songwriter has been focused on establishing the ‘Soli sound’, creating music and bringing her songs to life with her writing.

Soli’s inspirations come and go but most recently “it's definitely been H.E.R… [she] can really appreciate her artistry and the musicality, and it goes beyond her voice…her songs are super honest. [Soli] looks up to her for many reasons”.

With two little sisters that can definitely sing, a mum who was in the choir and a dad who “thinks he’s an incredible singer”, music was not necessarily a massive part of Soli’s upbringing.

“I'm very vulnerable in my music and I sing things and say things in my writing and in my music that I wouldn't necessarily say in day-to-day conversations. It's definitely my escape in many ways. I love the fact that I have the freedom to just freely express myself” says Soli.

She goes on to say that if people really just want to get to know her more then listen to her music

The most powerful thing Soli says is being able to share your vulnerability and then to have other listeners resonate with the message, which is crazy because often when you're writing you feel really alone in what you're feeling and what you're experiencing.

“I just love it. I just love connecting with people. It's my safe space, my escape. And I honestly don't know what I would do without music” expresses the singer-songwriter.

Soli reveals that there are many challenges she faces in both the industry and in her personal life.

“I think one of the biggest ones I think that we all kind of battle with is comparison. Especially because you have so much access to other people's lives and an in turn their journey… it's really easy to kind of fall into that that mental headspace which is not healthy by any means. And the other thing is self-belief.

You need to just believe that you're good enough and just completely back yourself and your craft. I'm definitely getting to the point where I'm like, yes, I am good enough. Yes, I feel like I've been blessed with this gift for a reason, and I have messages that need to be heard” says Soli.

When I asked Soli what advice she would give to someone wanting to enter the music industry, she couldn’t stress enough the power of collaboration.

“There's so much talent around us. I think we can sort of getting stuck in our own ways of writing and creating music but the minute you put yourself in spaces with other producers and other songwriters, it really just opens your eyes.

And just being an active learner and being willing to learn is super, super powerful while also staying true to yourself (yes, we know, its cliché but it’s also so true)

Just because you see that a certain sound is really resonating with a huge audience. I don't think you should feel obliged to step into that sound because of that. The right people will find your music and resonate with it. Just be bold in your storytelling. Don't compromise anything” says Soli.

It’s no surprise after reading that you find Soli Tesema performing live at Ego Expo 2022.

She’s most looking forward to the positive energy and good vibes.

From Soli, you can expect her performance to be soulful and moody.

The singer-songwriter is also working on an EP to be released later on in the year, who knows, maybe if she’s feeling the vibe, we’ll get a sneak peek into her new project live on the main stage.

Stay tuned and get your tickets now!


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