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Paving the Way for Melbourne's Entertainment Scene-The Disruption Ent. Partners with EgoExpo in 2022

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

The promise to make Ego Expo 2022 bigger and better than the rest (which is hard considering how good the last few were) is well on the way with a new partnership.

For the first time ever, Ego Expo has a live media team. This collaboration with The Disruption Entertainment is deeper than surface-level entertainment.

Disruption Entertainment was born out of the need to make a stamp on Melbourne, same as us, so why not band together?

The Disruption Entertainment team makes conversation on the challenging topics by getting people to think of things they otherwise wouldn't.

They expose people to mental health topics, life scenarios and men's triangle underwear? (I think they agreed it was definite yes but eh, listen for yourselves).

Hosts Marwa, Noor, Daniel and Kalows aim to create a platform where they can teach (and learn) whilst having fun, spreading positivity and light-heartedness.

Founder of Ego Expo Mel first spoke to The Disruption Entertainment two years ago.

"Bringing along guests helps us to enter spaces that we don't fully understand, and Mel was definitely one of those people where it's like, I don't think any of us fully understood suicide until she was on the episode with us and then from there naturally a friendship formed with her," said Daniel.

When the opportunity came to form a partnership for Ego Expo, there was no doubt this group wanted to be involved.

"This is something that we believe in because it's not just a facade capitalising off of culture," said Daniel.

Kalows goes on to say that the expo "brings people together, the community together, and just to be a part of that community is amazing. Together we can all make an impact."

We see these extraordinary creative spaces in the UK and America that are very established right now. But still, Australia has yet to join the creative ranks.

Ego Expo is THAT thing targeted at bringing together a community of creatives and supporting people of colour to make it beyond a grassroots level.

"Ego Expo is the perfect opportunity for us to be involved in the culture and actually see what it's like to actually really network with people in the industry," said Kalows.

When I asked the group if they felt there were enough people of colour in the entertainment industry, they all thought we did, but the struggle was making it big.

"I think there's plenty of creators across every culture, and I think that's great. But there's not enough that support it to get into [the entertainment industry] ...they're all at a very grassroots level, and nobody puts the bag behind them," says Noor.

At Ego Expo, we are changing the rules and creating a community that fosters talent from all cultures and not just the ones that are easy to market.


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