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For many, the mere act of wearing streetwear in their daily lives is an act of rebellion.

We make clothes that help people connect with their true selves, and to achieve that we create a range of different designs, looks and feels because we don’t believe our apparel should be a uniform. 

The only thing that truly connects all our designs across our various ranges is that they are made to the highest possible standard.

We pride ourselves on providing the modern Australian with the very best in urban fashion, both in design and in quality.

But whilst we deliver outstanding apparel to our customers, we exist to be more than just a label.

We exist to develop kinship. To encourage growth. To collaborate as a community to conquer and achieve.

Just like reptiles, we shed our skin.

Not one, not twice or even three times. We are constantly shedding our skin. It’s an ongoing process of self-development.

Our community and our fashion equip individuals with the positivity they need to drive progress.

We shed as one.

Reptiles come from all walks of life, but we share one thing in common.

The desire to shed our skin and stay at the cutting edge of modern streetwear.


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