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The inspiration for Tri Colour Federation stems from Mt Kosciusko, the highest mountain in New South Wales and Australia. Mount Kosciusko represents the fragile balance that exists between our world and the natural world. 

The colours and geometric designs of the Kosciusko landscape led Tri Colour Federation to discover a rare amphibian that is easy to miss and almost impossible to find.


The Northern and Southern Corroboree Frog inhabits the Snowy Mountain Region and the outskirts of the Australian Capital Territory. Tri Colour Federation chose this native creature to represent the brand logo, as it is an ironic microcosm that underlines an idea of greater importance. 

The Corroboree Frog species has been decimated by disease and climate change.  As a result, the amphibian is endangered with a population that numbers fewer than 100. Averaging a size of 2.5 cm, the Corroboree Frog is cloaked in vivid yellow and black patterns. The rarest of the bunch have splashes of alpine blue streaked across their torsos and limbs. 

One of the great ironies of this world is the common thread of such small things having the most profound effect on a wider scale. Here, the tale is no different. The impending fate of this creature reverberates the many self-made challenges that humanity now faces. The greatest of all is the displaced equilibrium between the natural world and our world. 

Collectively, it is our responsibility to act and ensure that this world can be a place where every dimension can coexist in a harmonious balance. The unwritten agreement that binds this planet in unison must be upheld. 

Our obligation is to infuse these experiences, observations and ideas into Tri Colour Federations garments. Woven within the seams of the denim, there are fibres that have been recycled from pollutants. The cotton is organically grown and produced in factories that are technologically at the forefront of ethically sustainable manufacturing. That means minimized water consumption, less waste of natural resources and a reduction of pollution. 

It is this brands endeavour to push the boundaries of design and manufacturing innovations to ensure that every product will be more ethically sustainable then the last. Tri Colour Federation will strive to enhance and refine the textiles it uses. Our garments will reduce landfill and its detrimental toxic levels. The factory selections and engineering processes from sourced materials to production will diminish pollution and overall waste. This is how we move towards closing the eco friendly loop. 

With this in mind, our garments will embody timeless design and modernity. Each piece will become an extension of you. Each piece sheds light on a necessary discussion, emancipates a new wave of thinking and ignites your inner being to take action. I am bound to this federation and so are you. 

The Tri Colour Federation.

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