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Who is Jean's Kikay Central?
Jean's Kikay Central is a one-stop online shop in Wyndham, Vale, Victoria, Australia, that started around September 2022. JKC showcases accessories for women of all ages and helps them boost their confidence through fashion. 

What inspired Jean's Kikay Central?
Owner, Ms Jean San Juan who also works as a personal care assistant caring for the elderly, shared that it was inspired when one day, a colleague of hers noticed the pearl headband she was wearing. They were enamoured and asked if she could find more items to sell them. From small orders to another set of orders, Ms Jean thought, "Shall I make this an official business?" With the support of people around her, she established an official page to display and promote her products.

The Breakthrough  
In early January 2023, Jeans Kikay Central experienced a significant milestone when it had the opportunity to showcase its business during Australia Day, hosted by the Filipino Community Council of Victoria. Just a few weeks later, an organizer reached out to me, inviting Jeans Kikay Central to participate in Pinoytrepreneur in February. Since then, JKC has continued to actively participate in various business events, capitalizing on newfound opportunities. This opportunity also led them to be featured in The Philippine Times.
The future of JKC
As the business expands, Jeans Kikay aims to explore not just accessories but other products such as bags, t-shirts, mugs, keychains, Artcraft, skincare, and so on. JKC always believes that the key to success is to dream big and never give up.
We hope that you can look forwards to a bright future for Jeans Kikay Central!

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