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Stacked Studio is a kick-ass team of founders: Lindsay & Christina – a duo with over 15 years’ experience in creative direction, fashion design, merchandising, brand management, logistics, supply chain, business and more.

Our expertise ranges from creating a brand identity, through to designing a collection and landing it ready to sell on your website or boutique.

A while back we realized that we innately understood how brands should be developed, collections created and manufactured, as well as products sold to create a lasting impression from a customer experience view point, and that if we had an agency we would implement our secret sauce to make brands’ successful. Now, here we are to do just that for you.

We aim to be the conduit to a project, connecting collaborators suitable for the end goal. We cross over the platforms of brand strategy, conceptualisation, customer profiling, product design, packaging, design, supply chain, marketing, finance sales [and more] in order to bring your vision to life.

We have a personality that can adapt to different brand DNA’s in ord
er to visualize and execute a unique outcome for each brand we onboard. We design for brands’ and their customers.

Sustainability: There are loads of new brands popping up left and right without a sustainability strategy, where their products are low quality and are worn a couple of times, then thrown into landfill. We instead create purpose led brands’ that have meaning to the customer and will be worn like a badge of honor. In addition we work only with ethical factories that produce high quality goods that last.

Connection: “It takes a village to raise a child” and we understand that conceiving a brand from scratch is a collaborative process. We believe connection and synergy is what will get the best and most positive outcome for a brand and will be the most enjoyable journey.

Uniqueness: “Nobody is you and that is your power” – we believe this to be the same for brands. When we develop a collection it is specific to the brand’s DNA. We specifically do not utilize the same inspiration from brand to brand in order to keep them unique from each other.
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