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Vinage Customs opened our doors in 2013.

Not that we technically had doors at the time. Back then, it was just a garage, some spray paint and a massive passion for graffiti and art.

What started with graffiti has expanded into a professional signage and printing powerhouse.

Over our journey, we’ve learned a few things.


When it comes to building a business, business owners are not prepared to compromise on time or quality.

They are time poor and want the biggest bang for their buck. They don’t want to go to one business for their designs, another business for their signs and another business for their printing. They don’t want to deal with and co-ordinate six different suppliers all whilst trying to manage their business and staff.

At Vinage Customs, we pride ourselves on customer service and our ability to help our clients get the job done.

That’s why since opening our doors in 2013, we have grown to meet the demand of our clients, both existing and new.

From signage design to production and installation, as well printing, Vinage Customs has developed into a one-stop shop for our many satisfied clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build strong relationships with our customers, our ability to fully understand their needs and – most importantly – our track record of delivering for our clients to satisfy their requirements on time and on budget.

So, how did it all start?

A mural for a local café in Brunswick. For our founders Vinnie and Adrian, it was a dream come true. An opportunity to get paid for something they were deeply passionate about. And like they say, when you do something, you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. So, every business needs a name.

Taken by combining Vinnie and Adrian’s names together, Vinage Customs was officially registered in late 2013.


The business really took off when it made its transition from graffiti art to signage.

How did we make the leap?

Since back then in 2013, Vinage Customs has steadily grown, moving out of the garage and into our Garden Drive factory and office in Tullamarine and adding a truckload of services to meet the growing demands of our loyal customer base.

Along the way, we have continued to stand out to our clients for our ability to view things from a different prespective to our competitors. Our customers are constantly blown away by the designs we deliver, from their innovativeness through to the quality of their execution. The setting has changed. The tools & machinery have gotten more sophisticated. The team has grown. The services we provide have gotten bigger and better. The clients have multiplied exponentially.

So, what hasn’t changed?

our utmost commitment to ensuring the absolute satisfaction of our client’s signage and printing needs.

Perhaps the most significant component of Vinage Customs’ growth has been our ability to retain clients.

Anyone can go out there and win new business. It’s keeping that business for the long haul that separates the best from the rest.

Vinage Customs has been in business for over eight years now and in that time, we have become a trusted signage partner for some of Melbourne biggest commercial builders, worked on mega campaigns for some of Australia’s biggest retailers and are the go-to signage and printing provider for some of Melbourne’s best-known businesses.


Despite this, we have never forgotten the little guy.


Our intense focus on customer satisfaction and success means that whilst we consistently win new business, we’re still helping the same customers we’ve been working for since the day we opened our doors, no matter how big or small they are.

At Vinage, we are passionate about helping our clients enjoy the same growth that we have.

We believe that every business – from the Fortune 500s of this world to the Mum and Dad corner stores – should have access to first-class signage and printing services.

And that’s exactly what we deliver.

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