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8 Reasons to invest in an Exhibitor Booth at Ego Expo 2022 – Australia’s Streetwear & Lifestyle

Online sales currently represent roughly 24% of the total retail sales in the Australian market. This means that around 76% of retail still happens in physical stores and in face-to-face arenas, making a synergy between online and offline, the key to retail success in the near future. In today’s day and age in a post-pandemic world, E-Commerce will continue to grow but here are 8 reasons why you should consider investing in a brick-and-mortar store location or to test out your market - a pop-up concept store at Ego Expo.

1. People are more likely to buy a product when they’ve seen it

in person.

The top reason consumers prefer to shop in physical stores is seeing, experiencing,

and testing products in person before buying them. 

2. Customers who pick up items in-store buy extra stuff. 

According to Forrester research, 30% to 40% of consumers using click and collect buy

additional items when they get into the store or see the entire range of products in

person and talking to a staff member.

3. Physical and Pop-Up stores can reduce the cost of returns.

Shoppers return 5-10% of what they purchase in a store, but 15-40% of what they buy



4. High-quality, one-on-one customer service increases sales.

Three out of four (75%) of shoppers are likely to spend more after receiving high-

quality service from staff in-person. Exhibiting at Ego Expo or opening your own pop-

up store will give you direct control of your customer experience and provide an

opportunity to connect, inspire and share creating not just a one-time customer, but a

lifetime customer.


5. The brand experience is still inherently physical. 

Retail is a highly competitive industry. Designing an experience that has the right

balance of safety, excitement, and convenience is key. Building a brand provides your

business with longevity and creates a lasting impression.


6. You can use your Ego Expo pop-up store as part of your marketing strategy.

Strengthen your supply chain and other customer touchpoints by creating hype

content at your store. Document the process, the journey and create unique videos

and photos that can elevate your brand presence online. Ego Expo is the perfect two-

day expo to gain media presence, network with target influencers and seek new

partnerships with other businesses.


7. You get free market research on your customers’

preferences and habits.

There is so much to learn about customers just by watching them shop, interacting

with your space and your products. You also get valuable insight into who else is in

business within your industry. Rather than viewing it as a competition, discover and get

inspired by what others are creating and push you to take your brand to the next level.

Serve your customers, listen to their feedback.


8. Physical stores bring greater traffic to your online store. 

Research from the International Council of Shopping Centers shows that when a

retailer opens a new physical store location, traffic to their website increases by

37% the following quarter. 

Exhibiting at Ego Expo Australia, brands can grow their online strategy while testing new markets with flexibility and offering a curated in-person experience to their customers. 

Joining Ego Expo has many benefits for brands:

  • Try new markets at affordable prices and have your own space while connecting with local communities.

  • Get 100% of the sales you make during the pop-up.

  • Control what products you want to showcase at the pop-up.

  • Get sales data and customer information to use later on your online channels and social media.


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