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FASHION: Thinking outside the box

The Fashion scene is just one of those things that have evolved and changed throughout the years, and nowadays, we see different styles and trends play out depending on a whole range of things.

It’s hard to ignore the extremely big zippers and thousands of Swarovski crystals and deny them the fashion label.

Fashion is a subjective and constantly evolving industry that can be difficult to define or understand.

Many factors contribute to why fashion is considered "whack" or strange by some people, including the constant change in trends, the influence of pop culture, and the emphasis on individuality and self-expression.

People on the internet sitting behind their screens very quickly dismiss artistical vision. Are they who lack imagination, or have designers entered a bizarre contest to see whose apparel could be more outside the box?

It’s also important to remember that fashion is a personal choice, and what one person considers "whack" another person may find fashionable.

Fashion is a form of creative expression, so maybe it’s time we looked a little deeper into what a piece means.

Before we get into philosophical on you guys, this is a breakdown of the prominent styles we’re seeing so far in 2023:

1. Streetwear:

A casual and comfortable style characterised by oversized clothing, bold logos and graphic designs, and a mix of high-end and street-inspired pieces (We see you, Louis Vuitton).

2. Sustainable fashion:

A growing trend in the fashion industry emphasises eco-friendly materials, ethical production methods, and reducing textile waste.

3. Gender-neutral fashion:

A growing trend in fashion where clothing and accessories are designed to be worn by people of any gender, breaking traditional gender-specific clothing norms (Men's and women's fashion runways are no longer gender specific, see Maison Margiela's recent runway as just ONE example). People no longer want to be confined to a particular look or stereotype; we’re here for it.

4. Athleisure:

A style that combines athletic and leisure wear and is characterised by comfortable, stretchy and breathable fabrics and simple yet stylish design. We’re going to blame COVID and lockdowns on this one. People want comfort, and it’s taken over day-to-day wear.

5. Vintage:

Vintage fashion is a trend that has been gaining popularity as people look to the past for inspiration. Vintage clothing, accessories, and footwear are becoming increasingly sought after, as they are often unique and have a sense of history. It ties back into sustainable fashion, and the gems that can be found in some of these stores are insane; here are some of our favourite vintage stores around Melbourne:

  • Sally’s Retro Fashion

  • Monkey Jar

  • Miss Brown Vintage Clothing

  • Mrs Secondhand

  • Retrostar

  • Your local Salvos

6. Pop culture:

Pop culture has always been a fashion inspiration, with movies, music and tv shows influencing fashion.

7. Digital fashion:

With the growing use of technology, digital fashion is becoming more common. From virtual runway shows to virtual styling and augmented reality try-ons (If you haven’t tried it already, the GOAT app allows you to try on particular shoes before you buy them, pretty nifty stuff).

Fashion is forever evolving and changing; what’s popular in one season may not be the next.

It’s influenced by culture, social and economic conditions, and technology. But, it can also be shaped by the creativity and vision of individual designers, stylists, and other fashion industry professionals.

What’s your out of box style that no one agrees with? We all have one.


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