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Meet JAYSNBRWN, a DJ and label owner making strides in Australia’s music scene.

In just a few years, the record executive, artist manager, event promoter, DJ, music entrepreneur and an all-round hard worker has been making some influential strides in Australia’s urban music scene.

Whether it’s been managing up-and-coming artists, hitting the decks internationally, and hanging out with the biggest names in hip hop/R&B when they are in town; he has made music his career and has been killing it every year.

Jayson said his start in the music industry happened rather organically, when fellow rapper and now label-mate, B-Nasty, asked Jayson to help him with his career.

“It was 2015, and he had just shown me a track he was about to release. I gave him some honest advice and the rest was history.”

This then led to the creation of Dough Related Productions which was focused on hip-hop Artists, and then eventually Heart 8 Records, which had more of a focus on R&B. Most recently, he has been developing the career of REGI FLIH, a promising R&B star that is already doing massive numbers in the Australian R&B scene.

This year he combines both labels into one conglomerate under the shorter moniker, Dough Related, and has expanded the management team with the pursuit of growing even more. The company covers all aspects of the culture from artist development, event management, promotion, marketing, branding, PR, video directing and sound engineering.

He has also put together an initiative called Platform, which focuses on shining light on local talent, and providing a ‘platform’ for them to gain more experience on stage, network with music industry professionals and generally help push their careers in the right direction.

“There has been a focus on West Coast talent to date, but we have plans to bring the movement to the East Coast, with the first Melbourne Platform towards the middle of the year.” JAYSNBRWN

Simultaneously, JAYSNBRWN has been performing around Australia, Bali, Singapore and Los Angeles in front of crowds of up to five thousand people, supporting major international acts like Bruno Mars, French Montana and August Alsina, and playing alongside the biggest hip hop DJ’s on the planet including DJ Durel (Migos), DJ Dummy (J Cole/Common) and Noodz (Kehlani).

Whether it’s his DJ career or the moves he is making through his label, be sure to keep an eye out. You can stay up to date with Jayson and Dough Related here:



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