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Ego x District Docklands is bringing you Melbourne's one of a kind throwback lounge.

This space is for you, the homies and the girlys to come kickback and enjoy the 90's all over again (or for the first time).


From August 5th - August 28th, The Throwback Lounge will be the only place to be.


The event promises a stunning custom cereal bar with over 30+ cereals from all over the world to taste and enjoy washed down with a glass of milk of your choice and accompanied by a wide selection of 90’s snacks.

Not to mention the iconic arcade games from this era.

So if words like Daytona, Mario Kart, Initial D and Street

Fighter sound like music to your ears, we know where you

will be lounging around this winter.

Stay tuned through our socials to keep up to date

with announcements!


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